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DUP North America thanks Sky Majida Roshay, Rahmana Elizabeth Sayre, Shivadam Adam Burke, Kabir Stuart McKinnon, Mansur Richard Conviser, Munir Peter Reynolds, and all who have worked with the originators to create and make available these write-ups of Dances of Universal Peace. These links will lead you to the DUP International website where mentored Leaders of the Dances whose dues are paid up may use their user name and password to access the materials. The Resource Library is for the use and advancement of the Leaders Guild for the Dances of Universal Peace. Please do not distribute Dance write-ups, .mp3 files, articles or esoteric papers beyond members of the Leaders Guild. We are only posting here Dances from the North American region which have not been previously published by PeaceWorks Publications in some form. The copyright for these Dances is held by the originators, except where otherwise noted. Dance originators have verified that they have received express permission to use copyrighted music and lyrics. Posted videos and audio clips, marked with "V" and "A," are only those approved by the originators. Column at right indicates latest write-up revision date.

The Guidance Council has noted that “Written and recorded versions of Dances of Universal Peace have great value as a reminder to leaders who have already experienced and learned a dance, as a record of the originator’s intentions and of any copyright or other restrictions held by the originator. The spiritual transmission of the Dances remains experiential, passed from one human being to another. It is especially important in this digital age to remain true to a person-to-person, hand-to-hand and heart-to-heart transmission of these dance practices. Collectively we dance leaders have the responsibility to channel dance resources in a manner which is consistent with the intent of the Leaders Guild, the Mentor Teachers Guild, and the intended use of the material.”

More Dances / Additional Resources leads to originators’ websites where you can find more information on obtaining published Dance attunements, instructions and/or other media. A link to an index for Dances as published by PeaceWorks can be found at the end of this Dance Write-Ups list.


VID AUD Dance Title, Originator(s), Tradition REV
    2-Part Bismillah - Pir Shabda Kahn, Sufi 08/09
  3-Part Bismillah - Pir Shabda Kahn, Sufi 08/09
    3-Part Ishq Allah - Pir Shabda Kahn, Sufi 08/09
  Abwoon to the Four Directions - Jeanne Ayesha Lauenborg, Christian (Aramaic) 10/10
  A Falling Raindrop - Shivadam Adam Burke, Sufi/Islamic 02/09
    A Flower Blooms - Amrita Heather Rose; Thict Nhat Hanh, Buddhist 11/11
  Ahavah Raba Ahavtanu - Amina Linda McMakin, Jewish  06/09
    Ahura Mazda Partner Dance - Khabira Candace Holt, Mazdian (Zoroastrian) 05/14
  All My Relations - Leilah Be, Native American inspired    08/09
    Allah Hayy - Allaudin Ottinger, Sufi/Islam 11/11
  Allah Ho Akbar - Munir Peter Reynolds, Sufi/Islamic 02/09
    Allah the Opener - Khabira Candace Holt, Sufi/Islam 07/14
    Alleluia (Flood) - Lila Flood, Christian 02/12
    Alleluia (Ross/Buko) - Jeanne Ross & Radha Buko, Christian 11/11
  A Altísimo Corazón - Sarasvati Marilynn Carstens, Christian 03/12
  Amen Alleluia - Narayan Eric Waldman, Christian 02/10
  Ana Elna Refa Nala - Lila Flood, Jewish 05/09
V Angelic Gloria - Amara Karuna, Christian 10/09
    Apple Orchard Zikr - Tom Schmeling, Sufi/Islamic 02/09
  Ashem Vohu - Lila Flood & Leilah Be, Zoroastrian 04/09
    Beings of Love - Halim Dunsky, Sufi/Islam 05/11
    Be Nice to Camels - Sarmad Barry Bernstein, Sufi/Islam 11/11
    Be Ye Lamps Unto Yourselves - Zahir Movius, Gillespie, Buddhist 01/12
  Bismillah Partner Dance - Basira Beardsworth & Leilah Be, Sufi 08/09
    Blessed Always - Leilah Be, Christian 11/10
    Blue Heron Zikr - Khabira Candace Holt, Sufi/Islam 02/12
  Chief Seattle - Anahata Iradah, Native American inspired 11/09
    Children's Vows - Darvesha MacDonald,  Buddhist 05/09
Ciel Sur la Terre (Heaven on Earth) - Darvesha MacDonald & Ishan Das, Christian 02/09
Condolences Dance - Amara Karuna, Native American 10/09
  Custom Zikr - Basira Beardsworth, Leilah Be, Sufi 08/09
    Dance of Jesus - Suriya Lisa Fladager, Christian 01/12
    Dance of the Celestial Bodies - Brian Vayu Jameson, Universal 09/09
  Divine Masculine/Feminine - Tom Schmeling, Sufi/Islamic 02/09
    Dona Nobis Pacem Zikr - Munir Peter Reynolds, Christian 11/09
  Draw Us Closer to Thee - Amina Linda McMakin, Sufi (HIK) 06/10
    Draw Us Closer to Thee - Halim Dunsky, Sufi/Islam 05/11
  A Echad B'Echad - Shivadam Adam Burke, Jewish 05/17
    Echad Yachid U-m'yuchad - Alan Wagman & Yaqin Sandleben, Jewish 05/09
  Ecstatic Zikr - Munir Peter Reynolds, Sufi/Islamic 02/09
  Ek Ong Kar - Narayan Eric Waldman, Sikh 02/10
    Eloah El - Narayan Eric Waldman, Jewish 12/13
    En Lak’ Ech - Hafiz Heartsun; Jonathan Goldman, Hunbatz Men, Native 11/11
    Fill Your Cup - Allaudin Ottinger, Sufi/Islam 11/13
For the Beauty of the Earth - Hayat Rubhardt, Christian 10/09
    Freely Give, Freely Receive - Allaudin Ottinger, Sufi/Islam 03/13
    From This Circle of Love - Kachina Palencia, Universal 03/10
Full Moonlight Dance - Amara Karuna, Goddess 10/09
    Ganesha Sharanam - Malika Merrill Endres, Hindu 05/09
  (Gimme That) Old Time Religion - Shivadam Adam Burke, Universal 05/09
VID AUD Dance Title, Originator(s), Tradition REV
    Giridhara Gopala - Prema Dasara, Anahata Iradah, Traditional, Hindu 11/11
  Goddess is Alive (Magic is Afoot) - Brian Vayu Jameson, Goddess 05/09
    Grace Ram Nam - Grace Marie, Hindu 04/13
    Heart Polish - Basira Beardsworth, Sufi 06/10
    He Kehau - LIla Flood, Native 03/11
  Here I Am - Narayan Eric Waldman, Sufi 02/10
  Hijaz Scale Zikr - Pir Shabda Kahn, Sufi 08/09
    Hineni (Heenaynee) - Wakil David Matthews, Jewish 01/14
  Hla Gya Lo! - Anahata Iradah & Prema Dasara, Tibetan Buddhist 02/09
    Ho Ike Mai - Leilah Be, Native 11/11
Hoof and Horn - Amara Karuna, Goddess/Pagan 10/09
    I Am Alive - Dale Blindheim, Peter Munir Reynolds, Yana Viniko, Jewish
  I am Blessed - Mansur Rodney Kreps, Sufi/Islamic 08/09
  I Come from a Perfect Source - Radha Tereska Buko, Sufi/Islam 03/13
    I Open My Eyes to You - Unknown, Universalist 11//11
    Into Your Hands Oh Lord - Munir Peter Reynolds, Christian 02/09
    Ishe Oluwa - Traditional; Gurumukh Mark Harris, Native 11/11
  It Is THIS! - Munir Peter Reynolds, Sufi 02/09
  Jai Durga - Darvesha MacDonald, Hindu 06/09
  Jaya Hanuman - Amara Karuna, Hindu 10/09
    Jesus, Won't You Come By Here - Abram Vandover, Christian 01/09
    Jewel Lotus Flower (Om Mani Padme Hum) - Ishaq Jud, Shabda Kahn (var), Buddhist 10/09
    Joyful Zikr - Shivadam Adam Burke, Sufi/Islam 11/11
  Kali Metamorphosis - Hyra Fattah, Hindu 11/09
    Kumbaya - Sky Majida Roshay, Christian 03/13
  Kyrie Eleison - Grace Marie, Christian 11/09
  Light a Candle - Shivadam Adam Burke, Sufi 12/10
Look What Happens - Amara Karuna, Sufi 11/09
  Love Grows One by One - Carol Johnson, Amara Karuna, Universalist 05/11
    Love One Another - Bro. Joseph Shemsuddin Kilikevice, Christian 04/09
  Love, Serve, and Remember - Shivadam Adam Burke, Hindu 04/14
  Major Scale Zikr - Pir Shabda Kahn, Sufi 08/09

Mariam Zikr  - Darvesha MacDonald,  Islamic

    Mashya Mashyoi - Brian Vayu Jameson, Zoroastrian 05/09
    Melodic Minor Zikr 3-Part - Pir Shabda Kahn, Sufi 08/09
    Mitakuye Oyasin - Daniel Kirchhof, Native American (inspired) 05/12
  Mother Trilogy - SierraLynne White, Goddess 01/09
    Musa Musa - Liz Sharifa Friedman, Islamic 03/10
Dance Title, Originator(s), Tradition
  Nam Myoho Renge Kyo - Wonder Bob, Zen Buddhist 10/09
  No Part Left Out - Kathleen Hannan, Buddhist 06/10
  Nurun Allah Nur - Amara Karuna, Sufi/Islamic 10/09
    Om Asatoma (Lead Us from Falseness) - Brian Vayu Jameson, Hindu 09/09
  Om Gan Ganapataye - Shivadam Adam Burke, Hindu 11/09
    Om is the Essence - Brian Vayu Jameson, Hindu 05/09
    Om Mani Padme Hum - Fattah Kriner, Buddhist 03/13
    Om Mani Peme Hung - Nancy Vakil Kempf, Buddhist 08/13
    Om Mani Peme Hung Hri - Halim Dunsky, Buddhist 05/11
  Om Nama Shivaya - Yakzan Valdez, Hindu 01/10
    Om Shanti Walking Attunement - Narayan Eric Waldman, Hindu 10/12
  Open Up My Heart Like a Rose - Ma'abud Zeiler & Bernie Heideman, Buddhist 04/10
Ozark Bismillah - Lila Flood, Sufi/Islam 09/11
    Panchanamaskaras - Brian Vayu Jameson, Jain 05/09
  Peaceful Steps - Leilah Be, Buddhist 09/09
  Pieces of Cloud - Susan Nechama Sheely & Oraea Varis, Sufi/Islamic 09/10
  Prayer Wheels - Covita Moroney & Darvesha MacDonald, Tibetan Buddhist 01/09
    River of Life - Brian Vayu Jameson, Universal 05/09
  Ruach Elohim - Halima Sussman, Jewish 08/09
    Rumi Zikr I: The Allah Zikr - Yahya Ali Suzanne Nadler, Sufi 06/09
  Said Hanuman to the Lord - LaLa Lynda Aiman-Smith, Hayat Laurie Lindgrenwith, Sky Majida Roshay, Mark Smith, Hindu
  Saludo - Carlos Enciso, Miguel Molina Flores, Janine Walter, Andean 05/09
    Send Us The Peace - David Dalley, Sufi 01/10
  Shabbos Kallah - Amina Linda McMakin, Gnostic Christianity 10/10
  Shabda's Sahara Zikr - Pir Shabda Kahn & Leilah Be, Sufi 08/09
Shalom Salaam - Amara Karuna, Universal 10/09
  Shiva Shakti Dance - Amara Karuna, Hindu 10/09
    Shiva’s Drum - Philip Tansen O'Donohoe, Hindu 11/11
  Siyakudumisa - Tara Andrea Swierkosz, Universal 05/09
  Soli Deo Gloria - Lila Flood, Christian 11/09
    Spirit and the Bride (The) - Linda J. McMakin, Christian 08/11
  Sri Ram (Sky Majida) - Sky Majida Roshay, Hindu 09/14
    Sulha - Shabda Kahn & Leilah Be, Islamic/Jewish 05/09
    Sun is Wine - Susan Nechama Sheely & Oraea Varis, Sufi/Islamic 03/09
    Surya Ram - Mirabai Wolf Willow, Hindu 01/10
  Take Me As I Am Zikr - Connie Zareen Delaney, Sufi/Islamic 02/09

Tara Zikr - Darvesha MacDonald & Radha Claudia Cuman, Tibetan Buddhist

  Tashi Delek - Our Pledge of Friendship - Prema Dasara & Anahata Iradah, Tibetan Buddhist 03/09
  The Inner Call - Shivadam Adam Burke, Sufi/Islamic 01/09
Dance Title, Originator(s), Tradition
    There is Love - Shivadam Adam Burke, Christian inspired 11/11
    Through this Little Light - Amara Karuna, Universalist 05/11
  Through Thy Grace (Shakur Allah) - Lila Flood, Sufi/Islam 03/12
  Traditional Moroccan Qadiri Zikr - Pir Shabda Kahn & Leilah Be, Sufi 05/10
  Tridevi Praise Cycle - Shivadam Adam Burke, Hindu, Goddess 04/14
    Trusty Zikr - Basira Beardsworth, Sufi 06/10
    Twilight Zikr - Narayan Eric Waldman, Sufi/Islam 11/11
  Two as One - Shivadam Adam Burke, Sufi/Islam 10/13
  Unfolding Zikr - Brian Vayu Jameson, Sufi/Islamic 05/09
    Wazifa Dances V - Yahya Ali Nadler, Sufi 06/09
Welcome to the Prophet - Shabda Kahn, Sufi/Islamic 05/09
What's Next - Maitreya Jon Stevens, Sufi/Islamic 06/09
  Winter Solstice Chant - Amara Nuit-Cat Karuna, Kay Gardner, Goddess 06/10
Working Man's Zikr - Brian Vayu Jameson, Sufi/Islamic 02/10
    Ya Allah, Allah - Mujahid Mark V. Havill, Sufi/Islamic 03/11
  Ya Fattah Dance - Basira Beardsworth, Sufi/Islamic 11/12
    Ya Quddus Ya Jami - Maboud Swierkosz, Sufi/Islam 12/13
    Yangsang-Go - Brian Vayu Jameson, Tibetan Buddhist 05/09
  Ya Shakur - Sky Majida Roshay, Sufi/Islam 10/13
    Ya Shakur, Ya Hamid Dance - Maboud Maboud and Tara Andrea Brunjes-Swierkosz, Sufi/Islam 05/13
  Zikr of Surrender - Shivadam Adam Burke, Sufi 05/17
    Zikr of the Groove - Maitreya Jon Stevens and Marisa Inayat Sprowls, Sufi
Zikr of the Morning Breeze - Shabda Kahn & Leilah Be, Sufi/Islamic 06/10
    Zikr on a Polish Hymn - Radha Tereska Buko, Sufi 09/10
Zimbabwe Zikr - Gayan Gregory Long, Shabda Kahn, Halima Sussman, Sufi/Islamic 01/09


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