For Leaders and Musicians

If your heart is called to the path of Dance leadership or growing as a musician for the Dances, you can find detailed information and valuable resources at Dance of Universal Peace International DUPIN.

DUPIN maintains a treasure trove of Dance recordings and notations. This library is accessible to certified or mentored leaders and musicians who pay a modest Leader's Guild fee.

Playing Music for the Dances

If you have ever played as a musician for the Dances, you realize that there is more to Dance musicianship than simply knowing the correct notes or rhythm; that a deep attunement to the sacred phrase, to the intent of the leader and to the energy of the circle is required.  We hope that these materials will help provide musicians a sense of connection to the rest of the Dance musician network and will support the development of refined, attuned musicians!

Learning to Play for the Dances

by Amir Nick Baker, Mansur Richard Conviser, and Habib Dick Levison


by Peter Munir Reynolds

Drumming Introduction video

by Matin Mize

An Overview of Open Tunings for the Dances of Universal Peace

by Shivadam Adam Burke

Dances of Universal Peace guitar lessons

for open tuning, a new YouTube channel presented by Zahir Orest

Basics of Open G Tuning

Tuning and playing, by Sky Safir Roshay

String Gauges for B-flat Tuning

Richard Wahiduddin Shelquist explains neck tension, tuning and playing in Open Bb

Advanced Chords and Music Theory for Open Tuning

from Nur al-Haqq Dave Walker

Fastest Tuning from Standard to Open: A / Intonation for Open-tuned Guitars

by Wren Kothrade and Shivadam Adam Burke

Guitar Open Tuning Explanation

by Lila Flood (YouTube video tutorial)


The following videos are of Pir Shabda Kahn demonstrating open tuning at Ozark Sufi Camp, spring 2006 and were filmed by Dale Blindheim.

How to go from Standard to Open tuning:

Open Tuning #1

Open Tuning #2

Open Tuning #3

Open Tuning #4

Open Tuning #5

Open Tuning #6

Open Tuning Conclusion and thanks


And, these videos are from the 2009 Jamiat Ahm (Prescott, AZ) at a meeting of musicians led by Pir Shabda Kahn.  Video work by Sky and Dennis Roshay.

"Attunement and Musicianship" (Part I) (Part II) - A wide ranging deep conversation including the idea that musicians are an instrument of the Dance leader, who is an instrument of the Dance, refinements in leading and musicianship to be aware of, mentoring for musicians.

"More Musicianship" - Practice your instrument. Deepen your attunement.  Expand your capacity.  Laugh often.  See links above for Pir Shabda's open tuned guitar videos.

"Growing Musicians" - Ways to begin developing musicianship in your own circle, awarenesses and pitfalls.

"Open Tuning History" - Pir Shabda describes history and development of open tuned guitar for the Dances.  See link above for chord chart for GGDGGD open tuning (Nur al-Haqq Dave Walker)