Dances of Universal Peace

This brief video beautifully captures the spirit of the Dances of Universal Peace:

An Invitation to the Dance

This 20 minute video explains the Dances, in a general way, and why they are important to participants. Filmed at a Dance retreat in September 2006, the video features Dance footage, interviews with retreat attendees, music, photos and a bit of the Dances history. One of the editors, Sky Majida Roshay, says she wanted a video to explain the Dances to her mother, and this is it!

DUP & Interview with Pir Shabda Kahn

A 27 minute video from the October 2008 Sufi Conference held on Asilomar Conference grounds. Recorded Friday, Oct. 17th, 2008:

Murshid SAM

A glimpse of the creator of the Dances of Universal Peace:


A Brief Tour

A 2 minute slideshow style video (contains no audio):


Hacia el Uno: Danzas de Paz Universal

(Towards the One: Dances of Universal Peace)

Heart with Wings

Dances of Universal Peace, a mood piece: Only A Heart with Wings Can Fly - music from DUP Europe III CD; photos from various DUP camps. A short video by Sky Majida.

Eat, Dance & Pray Together!

Years ago, Anahata made a poetic documentary about the Dances, and now it’s back! “I was in love with the Dances of Universal Peace! In 1990 I called out to the universe 'who will make a documentary about the Dances of Universal Peace?' The echo came back to me 'you will!'" - Anahata Iradah (read more...)


Copies of the full DVD "Eat, Dance & Pray Together" may be purchased at Traveling Light

Jamiat Ahm 2009


May all beings be well, may all beings be happy!